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Nov 19, 2011

2007 Milestones

May 1 - Acquired Heatherlyn Lyncryst Taliesyn Ace (call name, Ace) from Marian Darrow of Heatherlyn Collies located in California. Looking at his pedigree, Ace brings the west coast collie lines of Heatherly, Edenrock, and Society to Michigan.

December 15 - Kennel building and dedicated exercise yard for collies has been completed

2008 Milestones
January - Launched website on internet www.taliesencollies.com with plans to highlight upcoming litter of puppies.

March 13 - Chloe (Westwend’s Legacy) and Ace (Heatherlyn Lyncryst Taliesyn Ace) produced 5 healthy collie puppies, 3 Males (Sable Merle & 2 Blue Merles) and 2 Females (Blue Merle & Tri Color).

June 21 - Greater Brighton Collie Club Puppy Match - Formally introduced Hope and Eden. In the virtues classes, Hope was awarded Best Muzzle and Eden was awarded, Best Skull, Best Front, and Best Expression!

July 19 - Published expanded website.

July 26 - Midwest Collie Club Puppy Match - Hope was awarded "Best in Match".

August 24 - Acquired Dinah (Lyric's Rockin Robin) from Gretchen Bare of Lyric Collies in Maryland. This sassy little lady brings to Taliesen Collies the lines of West River, Highcroft, Southland, and Tartanside Collies.
May 1 - Tabitha (Taliesen Radiance) was WB/BOS  at Progressive Dog Club of Wayne County, Inc. for her first 2 points!

30 - Tabitha (Taliesen Radiance) wins on hot-hot day at the Kalamazoo Kennel Club dog show. She was WB/BW/BOB for a point handled expertly by our friend, Kristy Reppert of Edenrock of Michigan.  Tabitha is now in summer attire and trying to stay cool.
2009 Milestones
February - Launched facebook fan page for Taliesen Collies and a Blog for the upcoming 2009 Collie puppy litter.

March 6 - Dinah (Lyric's Rockin Robin) and Ace (Heatherlyn Lyncryst Taliesyn Ace) produced 4 rough collie puppies all males. (3 Blue Merles and 1 Tri Color) unfortunately, the tri-color puppy did not survive.

June 1 - Chloe (Westwend's Legacy) and Ace (Heatherlyn Lyncryst Taliesyn Ace) produced 4 healthy rough collie puppies, 1 blue merle male and 1 sable merle male and 2 females, both are sable and white.

August 1 - Midwest Collie Club Puppy Match - Shiloh was awarded "Best in Match".

September 19 - Greater Brighton Collie Club Puppy Match - Tabitha was awarded "Best in Match" with merits also for best skull, front, and side gait.  Also from the same litter, Banjo (formerly called Andrew) took a third in a large class of male puppies and won a merit for best expression.

2011 Milestones
May 27 - Tabitha (Taliesen Radiance) went WB/BOS today at the Holland Michigan Kennel Club out in Kalamazoo for 2 points! (Thankfully no rain and cool weather!)

May 30 - We remember announcing a win last year at the Kalamazoo Dog Shows on a hot hot day...well, today is another win and another hot hot day. Congratulation to Tabitha (Taliesen Radiance) for WB/BW/BOV for another point towards her championship! It was a great dog show week-end for Tabitha with wins on both days she was shown..

WM_Sable_and_White_Female_Rough_Collie_Kyra_02-20-11_15+weeks_4 WM_OurCollies_06-12-11_Sable_and_White_Female_Puppy_Kyra_7_months3
05-27-2011 Holland KC WB BOS
05-27-2011 Holland KC WB BOS
05-30-2011 Kalamazoo KC WB BOV
05-30-2011 Kalamazoo KC WB BOV
05-01-2010 Progressive KC WB BOS
05-01-2010 Progressive KC WB BOS
05-30-2010 Kalamazoo KC WB BOV
05-30-2010 Kalamazoo KC WB BOV
2010 Milestones
April 24 - Acquired Gryffin (CH Lyncryst Silver Wizard) from Lyncryst Collies of Michigan. This handsome young stud brings to Taliesen the lines of Edenrock and Marnus Collies

2010  - It was a sad year at Taliesen Collies.  Due to unrelated circumstances 3 of our collie pillars crossed over the rainbow bridge.  Read about them on our memorial page.

December 27 - Acquired Kyra (Lyncryst Taliesen Grandeur) from Lyncryst Collies of Michigan.  This little diva, brings to Taliesen Collies the Marnus and Fantasy bloodlines.  She is currently co-owned with her breeder, Christie Murphy of Lyncryst Collies.
Robin_-_Rough_Tri_Color_Female_ Collie_ 6weeks Robin_-_Rough_Tri_Color_Female_Collie_8months
WM_Ace_Ace_10_weeks WM_Ace_2_years_old_after show4cropped3
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