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"Gryffin"   CH Lyncryst Silver Wizard
Sire: CH Society Edenrock Artic Sky
Dam: CH Lyncryst Sweet Royale
Breeder: Christie Murphy
Whelp Date: April 23, 2006
WM_Our Collies_Blue_Merle_Male_Rough_Collie_Gryffin_01-30-11_43 WM_Blue_Merle_Male_Rough_Collie_Gryffin_01-30-11_13 WM_Blue_Merle_Male_Rough_Collie_Gryffin_01-30-11_35
WM_Blue_Merle_Male_Rough_Collie_Gryffin_01-30-11_16 WM_Blue_Merle_Male_Rough_Collie_Gryffin_01-30-11_25 WM_Blue_Merle_Male_Rough_Collie_Gryffin_01-30-11_54
WM_Blue_Merle_Male_Rough_Collie_Gryffin_01-30-11_14 WM_Blue_Merle_Male_Rough_Collie_Gryffin_01-30-11_20 WM_Blue_Merle_Male_Rough_Collie_Gryffin_01-30-11_45
WM_Blue_Merle_Male_Rough_Collie_Gryffin_01-30-11_10 WM_Blue_Merle_Male_Rough_Collie_Gryffin_01-30-11_24 WM_Blue_Merle_Male_Rough_Collie_Gryffin_01-30-11_38
Feb 1, 2011
GryffinBOVatprogressive gryffinWDshotatsaginaw
We are very grateful to have Gryffin join our collie family. He came from our friends at Lyncryst Collies.

Gryffin is a very sound dog with an excellent rear assembly. He has has a clean balanced head with a pretty eye, well-placed stop, natural ears, heavy coat factor and a sweet expression.

Contact us to see if Gryffin is "right" for your breeding program
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